A cancer diagnosis is very difficult to accept. The surgical treatment can be just as difficult as these cancers can be in sensitive areas such as the face, scalp, arms and legs.  Priority is taken to employ techniques that preserve both your health and appearance.


Moles, also called nevi, can be present from birth (congenital) or be acquired at some other point in life.  They are usually benign, but occasionally may show atypical changes that require biopsy to assess for skin cancer.  Whether you desire cosmetic removal or you are concerned with changes in the mole, it can be addressed in our office.


Unsightly scars are often a great concern depending on the location and size.  Revision is an attempt to minimize the visibility of the scar either through topical treatments, steroid injection or surgical intervention. 


Skin tags are often found in areas of friction such as the neck, underarms and waistline.  Though they are not cancerous, they can still be irritating and unsightly.  These can be managed under local anesthetic and often without the need for stitches.

COVID-19 Update: Our office will be open beginning May 19th with CDC recommended guidelines in practice.  Consultations are available in our office & we will continue to offer virtual consultations as well.  For more information on our current office procedures and how this will affect your experience with us, click here.  We will remain available & committed to assisting you promptly & professionally.  Stay safe! 

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