Augmentation mammaplasty is one of the most popular operations for women who have naturally smaller breasts or have lost breast fullness and symmetry due to common life changes such as aging or pregnancy. It enhances the size and shape of your breasts with implants (saline or silicone).  It may or may not need to be paired with a breast lift (mastopexy) depending on the amount of breast sagging (ptosis).


A mastopexy consists of raising and reshaping the bust with or without implants and can dramatically alter your profile, reviving breast firmness and perkiness while boosting confidence and even making clothes fit better.


A reduction mammaplasty is for women with large pendulous breasts that has produced strain on their neck, back and shoulders, prevented them from participating in physical activity, and caused skin irritation & infections. Removal of overly developed breast tissue can relieve years of physical pain, self-consciousness and fatigue and allow women lead active & healthier lives.


Breasts are recognized as symbols of femininity and motherhood and a loss of them can be a loss of identity. Breast reconstruction can play a vital role in the healing and self-esteem of women who undergo the procedures, whether it is due to breast cancer treatment, trauma or congenital defects.


Enlargement of breast tissue in men is a medical condition that can be a source of embarrassment & insecurity, but it can be effectively addressed through liposuction or the removal of the glandular tissue.

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